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March 5

1832 – About this time, the Prophet Joseph receives the revelation known as Doctrine and Covenants 80, calling Stephen Burnett and Eden Smith as missionaries, to go where ever they wanted to go “for ye cannot go amiss.’

1834 – The Prophet Joseph Smith and Parley P. Pratt arrived at the home of the Freeman Nickerson family in Perrysburg, New York, where in the evening they held a meeting concerning the Saints being driven from their homes in Missouri, “and opened to them the prophecies and revelations concerning the order of the gathering of Zion, and the means of her redemption; and I prophesied to them, and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon me, and with all readiness the young and middle-aged volunteered for Zion’ (History of the Church, 2:42).

1846 – Elder Wilford Woodruff baptizes over 300 at Frames Hill, England.

1849 – A constitutional convention convenes in Salt Lake City, where a constitution for the proposed State of Deseret is to be written.

1902 – The name of the Church academy in Rexburg, Idaho, is named Ricks Academy in honor of Thomas E. Ricks, founder of Rexburg.

1994 – The Missionary Training Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is dedicated by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin.

2000 – The Albuquerque New Mexico Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2011 – Southern Virginia University, a liberal arts college located in Buena Vista, Virginia, that embraces LDS values and standards and has a mostly LDS student body and administration, won their first ever USCAA National Basketball Championship.  The USCAA consists of more than 70 small faith-based schools of 2,500 students or less.  The top eight teams at the end of the season play for the national title.

2013 – Family Tree, a long-awaited enhancement to went live on the Internet.

2019 – In continuing their efforts to emphasize the correct name of the Church, a Church statement announces a change to the name of all Church Internet sites. “. . . we are changing the names of many of the Church’s global communication channels as follows: will become, the missionary-focused website will be changed to, Church social media accounts will emphasize the name of the Savior’s Church.

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