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May 14

1831 – A group of Saints from the Fayette, New York, area led by Lucy Mack Smith, arrive in Ohio at Fairport Harbor on Lake Erie.  A group of Saints from Colesville, New York, led by Newel Knight, also arrive at Fairport Harbor.  They are now 11 miles from their new home and gathering place in Kirtland, Ohio.

1834 – Zion’s Camp continued their journey and “passed on to Belle Fontaine.’  The first signs of discontent in the camp was expressed by Sylvester Smith, “who expressed great dissatisfaction because we were short of bread’ (History of the Church, 2:65-66).

1839 – After settling his family in Commerce, the Prophet Joseph returns to Quincy to conduct business and encourage the Saints to begin to move to their new gathering place, soon to be called Nauvoo.

1842 – In meeting with the Nauvoo City Council, the Prophet Joseph asked for a city ordinance against “houses of infamy’ in the city that were “disposed to corrupt the morals and chastity of our citizens,’ which ordinance was passed.  He also asked that the ordinance of licensing businesses in Nauvoo be repealed, “desiring that this might be a free people, and enjoy equal rights and privileges.’  The ordinance was repealed.  Word reached Nauvoo that ex-Governor Boggs, who had signed the Mormon Extermination Order, had been shot in Missouri. (History of the Church, 5:8)

1843The Prophet Joseph spoke in the community of Yelrome, Illinois, not far from Nauvoo.  He spoke on salvation through knowledge, saying: “The principle of knowledge is the principle of salvation.  This principle can be comprehended by the faithful and diligent; and every one that does not obtain knowledge sufficient to be saved will be condemned.  The principle of salvation is given us through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.’  He also taught that as there is a variety of people on the earth, there is a variety of spirits in the pre-earth life.  “Some seek to excel.  And this was the case with Lucifer when he fell.  He sought for things which were unlawful.  Hence he was sent down . . . and the greatness of his punishment is that he shall not have a tabernacle.  This is his punishment’ (History of the Church, 5:387-388).

1844Charles Francis Adams wrote in his journal on this date: “As we went on it became very necessary that we should settle upon our course. Quincy [Josiah Quincy Jr., Adams’ traveling companion] wished to stop at Nauvoo, the city of the Mormons and see something of Joe Smith, the prophet.’  (See also May 15)

1856 – Lucy Mack Smith, mother of Joseph Smith, dies in Nauvoo, Illinois, at age 80 and is buried in the Smith Family Cemetery..

1945 – President Heber J. Grant dies in Salt Lake City, Utah, at age eighty-eight.  He served more than sixty-two years as a General Authority, over twenty-six years as President of the Church.

1972 – First stake organized in Tahiti.

1994 – The Polish Genealogical Society of America presents the Wiglia Award to the Church for its efforts to microfilm eastern European records in areas that once belonged to the Polish Commonwealth.

1998 – The Church receives formal recognition from Russia, and receives a certificate allowing the Church to continue its missionary and humanitarian efforts in the country.

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