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May 24

1834Zion’s Camp “crossed the Wabash river at Clinton in ferry boats, in quick time, and pushed on to the state line . . . and encamped in an oak opening in Edgar county, Illinois’ (History of the Church, 2:70).

1838 – After spending several days surveying and locating potential sites for cities, including Adam-ondi-Ahman, the Prophet Joseph returns to Far West, Missouri.

1841 – The Prophet Joseph writes a letter to encourage the Saints scattered around the country to gather to Nauvoo.  “Here the Temple must be raised, the University built . . . which are necessary for the great work of the last days, and which can only be done by a concentration of energy and enterprise’ (History of the Church, 4:362).  He discontinued all stakes of the Church outside of the Nauvoo area and asked that the Saints soon move there as soon as they can.

1845 – The Saints in Nauvoo lay the capstone of the Nauvoo Temple.  A large number assembled at the temple at 5:45 am on a very cold morning to witness the capstone being laid on the southeast corner of the building.  The early hour was chosen so that the leadership of the Church could attend unmolested by marshals.  William Pitt’s brass band played music until 6:08.  William Player then spread the mortar and the stone was lowered into place.  Brigham Young then stepped up and finished the process by hitting it with a mallet until fit precisely in position.  The stone was pronounced set at 6:22 am.  The band then played the “Capstone March‘ composed especially for the occasion by William Pitt.  The entire congregation then pronounced a Hosanna shout.  The workmen were dismissed for the day and Elder Young admonished the people to hallow the day and spend it giving thanks to God that the final stone had been laid on the Temple.  As the Saints began to leave, John Kay stood on  the stone singing “The Capstone Song,’ composed by W. W. Phelps.

1847 – About noon, two Indians entered the original pioneer camp looking for a dog that had followed the pioneers.  That evening, thirty-five Indians, half were women and children, visited the camp.  The chief and his wife spent the night in the camp.  Also, the sick detachments of the Mormon Battalion that had wintered at Pueblo, Colorado, leave for Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

1944 – During World War II, the Church announces that it will not call military-age men as bishops, freeing many for service in the war.

1989 – Two missionaries, Elder Jeffrey Ball and Elder Todd Wilson, are martyred in Bolivia.

1999 – The Church launches the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service.  It is considered to be the most significant advancement in family history since the invention of microfilm.  It received over forty million hits on its first day.

2006 – The President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, and his wife, paid a visit to President Gordon B. Hinckley at Church headquarters during their visit to Salt Lake City, Utah.  President Fox said, “We got his blessings, and to me, that’s very important. I really feel fine right now, strong. . . .

2012 – BYU-Hawaii’s Students In Free Enterprise was recognized as the second runner up at the SIFE 2012 National Expo held in Kansas City, Missouri. Seventeen students represented BYU-Hawaii in the competition.

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