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May 6

1832 – The Prophet Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, and Bishop Newel K. Whitney, left Independence, Missouri, by stagecoach on their return trip to Kirtland, Ohio. (History of the Church, 1:271).

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith receives the revelation known as Doctrine and Covenants 93, which teaches the concepts of intelligence and eternal progression and commands the brethren to set their families in order.  Joseph also received a revelation, Section 94, commanding the Saints to build a “stake of Zion,’ a print shop, and the Temple in Kirtland, Ohio.

1834The Prophet Joseph and Zion’s Camp left Streetsborough, Ohio, and traveled to New Portage, Ohio, some 50 miles from Kirtland.

1838 – The Prophet Joseph preached to the Saints on this Sunday, “setting forth the evils that existed, and that would exist, by reason of hasty judgment . . . or in judging before they had heard both sides of a question.’  He also spoke on Abraham’s history of the planets, the principle of wisdom, the Word of Wisdom. (History of the Church, 3:27).

1842 – Former Governor of Missouri, Lilburn Boggs, was shot in the head as he sat alone in his home in Independence, Missouri, by an unknown assassin.  He lingers on the edge of death but finally recovers from the wound.  At first a man named Tomklins is charged, but is later released.  Because he was Governor and signed the extermination order that forced the Saints to leave Missouri in the middle of winter, and it is learned that Orrin Porter Rockwell had recently been in Missouri, suspicion turned towards the Mormons, particularly the Prophet Joseph Smith.  The Prophet was accused of ordering Rockwell to go to Missouri to shoot Boggs.  Joseph immediately made a statement of innocence, but Boggs and the enemies of the Church continued to press charges until Joseph was arrested on August 8, 1842 as an “accessory before the fact.’  The actual act of shooting was charged to Orrin P. Rockwell.  They secured a writ of habeas corpus through the Nauvoo Municipal Court and therefore, were released to the custody of the Nauvoo city marshal and not taken to Missouri to face the false charges.

1843 – The Nauvoo Legion had a parade on this date. The Prophet Joseph and Emma rode out with others to view the exercises on the prairie east of Joseph’s farm.  “The Legion looked well—better than on any former occasion, and they performed their evolutions in admirable style’ (History of the Church, 5:383).

1844 – The Prophet Joseph spent most of the day in council and Sidney Rigdon was nominated as a candidate for Vice-President of the United States and running mate to Joseph Smith.  A warrant was served to Joseph Smith, issued by the Circuit Court of Carthage on a complaint of Francis Higbee.  The Prophet obtained a writ of habeas corpus from the Nauvoo court and agreed to appear before the Nauvoo Municipal Court at a later date.

1847 – Having difficulty keeping their cattle from mingling with the buffalo, the original pioneer wagon train had to set a guard over the cattle so that they wouldn’t lose them.

1922President Heber J. Grant dedicates and then speaks on the first broadcast of radio station KZN, later known as KSL.

1987 – The University of Alberta sponsors a three-day conference entitled “The Mormon Presence in Canada,’ highlighting the contributions of the LDS pioneers to Canada one hundred years earlier.

2001 – The 75th anniversary of the first Institute of Religion in the Church, which began in 1926 in Moscow, Idaho, adjacent to the University of Idaho, was observed with events that included a Church Educational System satellite fireside featuring an address by Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve and commissioner of Church Education.

2005 – The United States Library of Congress and Brigham Young University cosponsor a two-day academic conference in Washington D.C. on the contributions of the Prophet Joseph Smith entitled “The Worlds of Joseph Smith.’  The conference examined the historical, religious, social, and theological contributions of the Prophet.  The conference also included an exhibit of books, manuscripts, and artifacts from the Library of Congress and the Archives of the Church.  Also, Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve met with the president of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer, in Vienna, discussing the Church in Austria and religion in Europe.

2012 – The Kansas City Missouri Temple is dedicated by President Thomas S. Monson.

2019 – The First Presidency announced that couples no longer need to wait a year after a civil marriage to be sealed in a temple. “Where a licensed marriage is not permitted in the temple, or when a temple marriage would cause parents or immediate family members to feel excluded, a civil ceremony followed by a temple sealing is authorized.’

2021 – The head of the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia recently visited the First Presidency and visited Welfare Square, the Humanitarian Center and the Bishops’ Central Storehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. “I’m very happy from several things I have seen. This will teach Ethiopia and the world,’ said Secretary General Tiguhan Kesis Tagay Tadele, shortly after taking a tour of the Bishops’ Central Storehouse.

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