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Missionary Picture Goes Mildly Viral on Twitter

I received a message from Elder Ward, one of the missionaries in my Ward, yesterday morning asking me to check out Twitter. Apparently, he had received a message from a friend in California (we live in Charlotte, North Carolina) about seeing a picture on Twitter that reminded her of him.

The picture showed two missionaries playing a pickup game of street ball. When he looked at the picture, he was surprised to see that it was actually a picture of a game he and his companion, Elder Spencer, played the day before. Someone observing them took a picture and posted it to a Twitter account of almost a million followers (last I checked, they had a combined total of 7,000 retweets and likes).

The game was of eternal consequence because if the missionaries won (which they did), the other team had to attend Church that Sunday. Now we just need to work on our branding so that people don’t confuse us with the Jehovah’s Witnesses 🙂


In order for the Elders to send the picture home, they asked me to edit out the questionable language. I posted this censored version to Facebook, and it was picked up by Mormon Memes, which received some comments about my edits. Personally, I like my version a lot better :).

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