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Modern Day LDS Heroes: Toa Leiataua

To attend school in Samoa, each family must purchase the mandatory school uniform, which cost about $2.75 USD. The Leiataua family had 12 children and could only afford to send their eldest son Toa to high school.

Due to Toa’s parent’s financial circumstances, his lunch consisted of coconuts from the school’s coconut trees that he climbed at lunchtime. However, from these sacrifices, Toa was able to attend BYU-Hawaii and major in math. Now he teaches at Kahuku High School in Hawaii. He is raising nine children of his own on just his teacher salary and has sent most of them on missions.

Below is Toa Leiataua performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center while attending BYU-Hawaii.

 Toa Leiataua as a performer at the Polynesian Culture Center

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