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Necessity of Teaching the Saints Upon Temporal Affairs by Brigham Young


  • Learning comes in small amounts over time for both him and others. Constant teaching is needed.
  • Mormons have the privilege of having their names cast out as evil by non-believers, as Joseph Smith experienced, and of sanctifying themselves for Christ’s return.
  • God brought the Mormons to Utah and sustained them despite enemies trying to drive them out. Their situation has been peculiar since Joseph Smith found the plates.
  • The wisdom of the wise will perish as nations fall into difficulties and wars without solutions. People focus on wealth and luxuries that get destroyed.
  • Members of the Church need counsel on temporal matters as many lack skills and judgment. They must learn self-sufficiency through guidance. Critics call them slaves, but they are slaves to no one but God.
  • Conditions are difficult in other countries as families experience loss in wars. Mormons have no poorer people and ensure no one goes without bread if they have it.
  • Members must remain united in religion and temporal matters. If not of one mind, they will not be God’s people. Wisdom must be treasured. God will make them conquerors if they do his will.

Notable Quotes

  • “I cannot save you. I can tell you how to save yourselves, but you must do the will of God. How shall we know what to do? By being obedient to every requirement of the Gospel.”
  • “We are laboring for your preservation and salvation, will you consider us tyrannical? If so, your hearts are not right before God, and those who do so will sooner or later apostatize and go down to hell. Let each of us be careful that we will not be of those who take a wicked course.”
  • “Love your religion.”


Editor’s Note

This story is part of The Forgotten Talks series. As we search for the sources of the quotes we use in our newsletter and on our website, we often stumble across popular quotes that are difficult to locate the source of. When this is the case, we will spend the necessary time to uncover the source, if possible. We have discovered that many of these quotes are locked away in talks and books that haven't been digitized or are behind a paywall. We make the effort to secure these pearls of great price and share them on our website under the public domain or Creative Commons license. If we are in any way violating any copyright laws, we ask that you notify us. 

Necessity of Teaching—Overruling Power of God—The Lack of Wisdom Manifested By the World—Necessity of Teaching the Saints Upon Temporal Affairs, Etc.

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