New Church Webpage to Aid in the Understanding of the Doctrine and Covenants

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Latter-day Saints | 0 comments

This is just a quick note to share the latest update from the Church to help readers of the Doctrine and Covenants gain a better understanding of the stories and teachings. The official press release says; \”some readers might find a study of the Doctrine Covenants a bit daunting because it does not follow a narrative, as do, say, the Book of Mormon or the New Testament.

Yet, as much as any of the other standard works of the Church, the sections in the Doctrine and Covenants stem from historical events, in this case the events pertaining to the Restoration of the gospel and the rise and development of the Church of Jesus Christ in latter days.\”

I think this will be helpful for those students and teachers to gain a sure footing in the happenings of the times and aid in understanding of what was taught in accordance to the social experiences of the saints!

To read the press release go here:

To visit the webpage go here:


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