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November 1

1808 – John Taylor, third President of the Church, is born in Milnthorpe, England.

1831 – The Prophet Joseph Smith received the revelation known as Doctrine and Covenants 1, also known as the “Lord’s Preface’ to the Doctrine and Covenants. It declares a voice of warning to all people, the calling of Joseph Smith as a Prophet to restore the truth to the earth, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and a commandment to search and study the revelations contained in the Doctrine and Covenants. (History of the Church, 1:221-224)

1833 – The mobs began to harass the Saints living in Independence, Missouri. Several businesses owned by members of the Church were broken into with merchandise thrown into the street. Windows were broken and buildings partially destroyed. Homes also had damage done as long poles were thrust through the shutters and sash into rooms of defenseless women and children. (History of the Church, 1:426-429)

1838 – Near midnight, General Samuel Lucus holds a court martial and orders General Alexander Doniphan to execute the Prophet Joseph Smith and other leaders of the Church in the public square of Far West, Missouri this morning. General Doniphan refuses stating, “It is cold-blooded murder. I will not obey your order. My brigade shall march for Liberty tomorrow morning, at 8 o’clock; and if you execute these men, I will hold you responsible before an earthly tribunal, so help me God.’ General Lucus reconsiders and lifts the order to execute the Prophet and others. The militia enters Far West and began to plunder houses, injuring several people and leaving many destitute. They entered into the Prophet’s home, drove his family out and then carried away most of his property. They then demanded the Saints give up all their arms, forced some to sign over their property to pay the expenses of the militia-mob, raped several women, took more prisoners, and then ordered them to leave the State of Missouri. (History of the Church, 3:190-192)

1839 – The Prophet Joseph and other leaders of the Church left Quincy, Illinois, and continued on their journey towards Washington D. C. to seek redress for the wrongs of Missouri.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph spent some time with his wife Emma, taking her on a ride to the Temple “for the benefit of her health.’ She had been ill for several days. In the afternoon he visited Dr. Willard Richards, who was very ill and staying with Wilford Woodruff. Later in the day, the Prophet along with three of his children and William Clayton, were riding in a carriage to his farm outside of Nauvoo when it overturned, throwing the Prophet some distance and nearly rolling on top of the three children. The Prophet records it was a miracle that no one was seriously hurt and that his son Frederick had the worst injury, a bruised cheek. In the evening he rode with two of his children to the Temple site. (History of the Church, 5:182-183)

1851 – Elder John Taylor begins publication of Zion’s Panier in Germany.

1853 – George D. Watts releases the first issue of the Journal of Discourses in England with an introduction by the First Presidency.

1959 – The Andes Mission was organized by Elder Harold B. Lee during a meeting held in Lima, Peru. The mission was the 50th mission of the Church and fifth in South America. It included the countries of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. Within the boundaries were 12 branches and 800 members. (Church News, November 21, 1959)

1993 – Church member Richard A. Searfoss successfully lands the space shuttle Columbia after a fourteen-day voyage, the shuttle’s longest flight to date.

1997 – On or near this date, the Church membership reaches ten million.

1999 – Church member Jane Clayson, a BYU graduate in broadcasting and communications, becomes a co-host of The Early Show on CBS television in the United States.

2009 – In the November 2009 issue of Journal of Adolescent Research, David C. Dollahite, a professor in BYU’s School of Family Life, published an article entitled “Giving Up Something Good for Something Better: Sacred Sacrifices Made by Religious Youth.’ He discusses the role of religion in the lives of youth from several faiths and their motivations for service and sacrifice.

2013 – The First Presidency announced that a semiannual general women’s meeting for all women, young women, and girls 8 years of age and older, will be take place on the Saturday before general conference. These meetings will take the place of the previous general Relief Society and general Young Women meetings and will be conducted by the general presidencies of the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary organizations

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