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November 18

1835 – The Prophet Joseph attends and speaks at the funeral of Preserved Harris’ father, Nathan Harris. He teaches about the resurrection. In the evening the Prophet Joseph, along with Bishop Whitney and others, visit Father Smith. A debate between “some of the young Elders” on whether it was the design of Christ to establish His Gospel by miracles was taking place. After three hours, the debate ended with the President of the debate deciding “in the negative, which was a righteous decision.” The Prophet, concerned that the debate had become too enthusiastic, like a lawyer defending “his cause, right or wrong,” took the opportunity to give some advice. He taught that they “should handle sacred things very sacredly, and with the due deference to the opinions of others, and with an eye single to the glory of God” (History of the Church, 2:317-318).

1838 – A permit was issued allowing a group of Latter-day Saint men to travel through Daviess County, Missouri, “upon lawful business” without harm or arrest. The Court of Inquiry in Richmond, Missouri, asked for a list of witnesses for the defense. The Prophet, and those with him, gave the court a list of 40-50 names of people who would be their witnesses. Captain Bogart and a company of militia was then sent to procure them. “He arrested all he could find, thrust them into prison, and we were not allowed to see them” (History of the Church, 3:211). The Court of Inquiry continued even though every witness for the defense was arrested to keep them from testifying.

1839 – About this time, on their journey to Washington D.C. to meet with government officials on redress for the acts in Missouri, the Prophet Joseph and his party arrived in Columbus, Ohio. Sidney Rigdon had become very ill. The Prophet and Judge Higbee continued on to Washington D. C., leaving Brothers Rigdon, Rockwell, and Foster, to come at a later time. (History of the Church, 4:21)

1845 – A letter came to the Twelve Apostles requesting that all witnesses to the murder of Elder Edmund Durfee a few days earlier needed to be in Carthage to testify. Brigham Young calls it “another judicial farce.”

1861 – The US Library of Congress recorded that a copy of the Book of Mormon was checked out to President Abraham Lincoln.

1975 – The Church Genealogical Department, now known as the Family History Department, is reorganized into five divisions.

1980 – Missionaries baptize 139 Nivacle Indians in the village of Mistolar, Paraguay. Twenty-two more are baptized on December 25th, and another forty-five in April 1981.

1988 – The Church is awarded the President’s Historical Preservation Award by President Ronald Reagan for restoring the Newel K. Whitney Store in Kirtland, Ohio.

1996 – Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin is the first Apostle of this dispensation to visit Far East Russia when he visits with the Saints in Vladivostok.

2003 – The nation of Tanzania was blessed and dedicated for the teaching of the Gospel by Elder Russell M. Nelson on a promontory point near Dar es Salaam.

2009Elder M. Russell Ballard, of the Quorum of the twelve, received the Humanitarian Ward at the Catholic Community of Utah Awards Dinner. The event was attended by President Thomas S. Monson and other General Authorities.

2012 – After extensive renovation, the Boise Idaho Temple was rededicated by President Thomas S. Monson. Also, Church member Kayden Troff won the under 14 world championship in Chess at the 2012 World Youth Chess Championship held in Maribor, Slovenia. Also, after several months of service projects and events, members of the Church in Korea celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Korean Mission with a special devotional.

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