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November 24

1835 – The Prophet Joseph spent the day in “instructing those that called to inquire concerning the things of God in the last days” and in translating “some of the Egyptian records.” In the evening he, with Emma, attended a wedding at the home of Hyrum Smith. The Prophet records that he solemnized “the matrimonial ceremony between Newel Knight and Lydia Goldthwaite” and that the ceremony “was original with me, and in substance as follows—You covenant to be each other’s companions through life, and discharge the duties of husband and wife in every respect; to which they assented. I then pronounced them husband and wife in the name of God, and also pronounced upon them the blessings that the Lord conferred upon Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, that is, to multiply and replenish the earth, with the addition of long life and prosperity” (History of the Church, 2:320).

1850 – The Swiss Mission is organized.

1964 – The first missionaries arrive in Bolivia.

1990 – The Gospel Essentials course is made part of the regular Sunday School curriculum. Also, the first converts in Bulgaria, Emil and Diana Christov and their two sons, are baptized.

1997 – The BYU women’s cross-country team wins its first NCAA national championship.

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