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November 26

1838 – The Court of Inquiry being held at Richmond, Missouri, continued on this day but appeared to be nearing an end with the lack of witnesses for the defense, most of whom had been arrested to keep them from testifying.

1841 – Hyrum Smith writes an affidavit denouncing theft. There was a group of individuals claiming to be members of the Church who were encouraging people to join with them in stealing as “the First Presidency . . . [did] sanction and approbate the members of said Church in stealing property from those persons who do not belong to said Church.” Hyrum states that he and the leadership of the Church denounce and “disavow any sanction or approbation . . . of the crime of theft, or any other evil practice.” The Prophet Joseph attends a Nauvoo City Council meeting and presents “a bill for ‘and Ordinance in relation to Hawkers, Pedlars, Public Shows, and Exhibitions, in order to prevent any immoral or obscene exhibition,’ which passed the council by unanimous vote” (History of the Church, 4:460-461).

1842 – The Prophet Joseph Smith met with the Nauvoo city council and approved the seal for the municipal court of the city. Approved was a circle with the words “Municipal Court, City of Nauvoo,” with a book circled with rays with the inscription “Constitution and Charter.” Later in the evening the Prophet visited Brigham Young, who became severely ill. Those in attendance administered to him and after a suffer purging, it appeared Elder Young would survive. The Prophet records that few people survive such a violent attack but that the faith of the brethren gave him hope in Brigham Young’s full recovery. (History of the Church, 5:196).

1845 – The painters completed painting the attic floor of the Nauvoo Temple. Elders Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball examined the nearly completed rooms. Once completed and furnished, the rooms could be used to perform the endowment for the worthy membership of the Church.

1851 – The first baptisms take place in Norway. Hans F. Peterson is the first of several baptisms performed at Osterrisor.

1984 – The First Presidency announces that full-time single elders would again serve for twenty-four months. This following about two and a half years when elders had been called to serve for eighteen months.

1999American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith, produced by Lee Groberg and narrated by Gregory Peck, makes its United States national premiere on PBS.

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