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November 9

1831 – The Prophet Joseph spent much of his time in the first half of November in preparing the revelations and commandments he had received for printing. Oliver Cowdery was to take them to Independence, Missouri, where they would be printed in book format. (History of the Church, 1:229, 235)

1835 – The Prophet Joseph received a visit from a man called “Joshua, the Jewish Minister,” who remained the entire day discussing religion. Joseph shared with him a brief history of the Church and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. “Joshua” was invited to stay for dinner and give a lecture in the evening. Several visitors came to the Prophet’s home during the day to meet this Jewish minister. Suspicions were that Joshua was a man named Robert Matthias from New York who had been recently released from prison for several crimes in New York. Joseph confronted him and he confessed to be this Matthias and that Joshua was his priestly name. Joshua gave his lecture later that evening and the Prophet Joseph records, “He made some very excellent remarks, but his mind was evidently filled with darkness” (History of the Church, 2:306).

1838 – General Samuel Lucas arrives in Richmond, Missouri, with the Prophet Joseph Smith and six other Mormon prisoners for a preliminary hearing in the circuit court of Judge Austin A. King. They were taken to an old vacant house in Richmond and guards were set to keep them from escaping. General Clark came in and was introduced to them and the Prophet asked him why they had been taken from their homes and brought to Richmond and what charges were against them. He replied “he was not then able to determine, but would be in a short time.” A short time after General Clark left, Colonel Price came in with chains and padlocks and chained the seven men together. The windows of the house were nailed down and the vacant house became a prison.

1856 – Aided by rescuers sent out by President Brigham Young, approximately four hundred members of the Willie Handcart Company finally arrive in Salt Lake City. More than one hundred Church members in the company had perished from hunger and cold along the journey.

1952 – The first stake in Michigan is organized in Detroit.

1972 – The International Mission is organized for members of the Church living in areas where there is no formal church presence, organization, or missionary work being conducted.

1978 – Missionaries enter the African Republic of Nigeria for the first time.

1990 – Terrence H. Rooney is elected to the British Parliament, becoming the first member of the Church elected to that political body.

      David McCullough

2006 – Noted Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough visited with President Gordon B. Hinckley in Salt Lake City, Utah, presenting him with a copy of his book, John Adams. President Hinckley presented Mr. McCullough with a special edition of The Book of Mormon. When asked by Mr. McCullough one thing about this country he would change, President Hinckley responded with, “I would try to bring about the great fundamental virtues of the Founding Fathers–honesty, integrity and hard work.” (Church News, November 18, 2006, p. 14)

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