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October 18

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith, and those traveling with him on this mission, arrive at the home of the Freeman A. Nickerson family in Mount Pleasant, Upper Canada. (History of the Church, 1:421)

1838 – Saints continued to flee to Adam-ondi-Ahman for safety, including Agnes Smith, wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s brother, Don Carlos. Her home had been plundered and burned and she had to travel three miles carrying two babies to reach safety. Her husband was on a mission in Tennessee. General Parks of the Missouri Militia was in Adam-ondi-Ahman and ordered a Latter-day Saint group to “put the mob down.’ The mob, learning of the approaching force, fled the area. The members of the Church began to remove belongings from their own homes and then burned them down. The Missouri Militia told the authorities that “the Mormons were burning and destroying all before them.’

1846 – The sick detachment of the Mormon Battalion, under the leadership of Captain James Brown, leaves Santa Fe, New Mexico, for Pueblo, Colorado, where they will spend the winter in anticipation of the Saints move west the following year.

1861 – Brigham Young sends his first telegram over the overland telegraph lines to J. H. Wade, the president of the telegraph company.

1881 – Ngataki, the first Maori convert in New Zealand, is baptized by Elder William John McDonald.

1906 – Olive Woolley Kimball, mother of Spencer W. Kimball, died. Spencer was 11 years old..

1992 – The London England Temple is rededicated after remodeling by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2006 – With petitions signed by more than the 20,000 people required, the government of Slovakia granted official recognition to the Church. A group of former and current missionaries serving in the Czech Prague Mission canvassed the country gathering signatures in what became known as the Slovakian miracle. Elder David Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve, who has Slovakian ancestry, met with Dr. Jan Juran, director of Church Affairs in the Slovak Ministry of Culture, where the recognition was announced.

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