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October 2

1836 – The Prophet Joseph’s father, Joseph Smith, Sr., and uncle, John Smith, returned to Kirtland, Ohio, after their mission to the Eastern states. They had visited with nearly all the branches of the Church and visited with friends and relatives. The Prophet’s cousin, George A. Smith, returned from his mission in parts of Ohio. Heber C. Kimball also returned from his mission. (History of the Church, 2:467)

1838 – The Kirtland Camp arrived in Far West, Missouri, on this date. When they were about five miles from the city, the Prophet Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, Hyrum Smith, and other brethren went out to meet them and bring them into the city. The 500 Saints in this camp had traveled 870 miles from Kirtland, Ohio, to join the Saints in Missouri. They camped on the public square where the temple was to be built in Far West amid joyful salutations and welcome.

1841 – During the morning, the Prophet Joseph Smith took part in the laying of the Nauvoo House cornerstone in which he placed an original manuscript of the Book of Mormon. In the afternoon, he presided and spoke at the October conference held in the Grove in Nauvoo. (History of the Church, 4:423-424)

1842 – The news that Governor Reynolds of Missouri had place a reward of $200 on the heads of the Prophet Joseph and Orrin Porter Rockwell for the shooting of former Governor Boggs. The Prophet recorded that he didn’t think much would come of it and that his wife Emma was still very sick and he spent the day with her.

1844 – Governor Ford disbanded the troops that had been in the vicinity of Nauvoo over the previous few days as Thomas Sharp and Mr. Williams gave themselves up for trial in the murder of the Prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum. They would later be acquitted.

1856 – The Edward Bunker company, the third handcart company, arrives in the Salt Lake Valley.

1875 – President Ulysses S. Grant visits the Tabernacle on Temple Square during his visit to Utah, the first US President to visit Utah.

1995 – President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates the Brigham Young Historic Park, east of the Church Office Building block in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

1999 – The 169th Semiannual General Conference begins. It is the last general conference held in the historic Tabernacle on Temple Square. General Conference had been held in the Tabernacle since 1867. Also, General Conference was broadcast over the Internet for the first time. It is estimated that as many as 100,000 people worldwide in 12 languages listened in over the Internet.

2019 – President Russell M. Nelson announced a change in the Church’s policy related to witnesses who participate in baptisms in local congregations and in temple work.

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