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October 29

1833 – After a 10:00 am meeting, the Prophet Joseph baptized and confirmed two new members of the Church and then he, and Sidney Rigdon, left Mount Pleasant, Upper Canada, to return to Kirtland, Ohio. (History of the Church, 1:422)

1838 – The mob-army is on the move from Richmond, Missouri, towards Far West. Other groups or mobs continue to harass members of the Church scattered on farms throughout the countryside. General Clark and about 1,000 men were on the march towards Richmond with the Governor’s Extermination Order.

1839 – The Prophet Joseph Smith, accompanied by Sidney Rigdon, Elias Higbee, and Orrin Porter Rockwell, leave Commerce (later Nauvoo), Illinois, for Washington D. C., in a two-horse carriage, to petition the federal government for redress and assistance for the Saints because of being forced from their homes in Missouri. (History of the Church, 4:19)

1842 – The Prophet gives a discourse to newly arrived citizens of Nauvoo, explaining how to purchase property, etc.. He also records, “I told them I was but a man, and they must not expect me to be perfect; if they expected perfection from me, I should expect it from them; but if they would bear with my infirmities and the infirmities of the brethren, I would likewise bear with their infirmities’ (History of the Church, 5:181).

1845 – Henry G. Sherwood and John S. Fullmer arrived back in Nauvoo, Illinois, after serving a mission gathering information about the west, including the area around Council Bluffs, that would be used by the Saints the next year as they left Nauvoo.

1851 – Governor Brigham Young establishes Fillmore, Millard County, as the new territorial capital of Utah. It was named after United States President Millard Fillmore and was centrally located in Utah.

1964 – United States President Lyndon B. Johnson speaks in the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

1999 – The Temple Square Chorale, the Orchestra at Temple Square, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in their first joint concert in the Tabernacle.

2012 – The Central African Republic was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve.

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