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October 31

1833 – Between forty and fifty armed persons attacked the branch of the Church west of the Big Blue in Jackson County, Missouri. They destroyed ten dwellings and beat several brethren in a brutal manner in front of the women and children. This began the violence that would lead to the Saints being expelled from Jackson County across the Missouri River into Northern Missouri.

1834 – Preparations were made on the first floor of the nearly finished printing house for the School of Elders to be held during the winter months in Kirtland, Ohio, “wherein they might be more perfectly instructed in the great things of God’ (History of the Church, 2:169).

      William Smith

1835 – The Prophet’s brother, William, visited Joseph to discuss their differences from a council meeting previously held. William became very angry and stormed out of Joseph’s home. In his anger he publicly preached against Joseph in Kirtland. In the evening, Joseph and Emma, along with his brother Don Carlos and others, rode out to the home of Shadrach Roundy in Willoughby and had an enjoyable evening. When he returned to Kirtland he was asked to baptize three people. Joseph records, “I obtained a testimony that my brother William would return to the Church, and repair the wrong he had done’ (History of the Church, 2:296-298).

      George M. Hinkle

1838 – The militia-mob outnumbered the defenders of Far West five-to-one. During the night, the families had gathered their belongings fearing a terrible battle on this day. About eight o’clock, the militia sent a flag of truce and Colonel George Hinkle of the Far West Militia went out to meet it. Colonel Hinkle made a secret truce with them to turn the Prophet Joseph and other Church leaders over to them. General Clark and his men arrived at Far West and joined General Lucas’s army. The militia-mob now numbered between 3500-4000 men surrounding the City of Far West. Towards evening, Colonel Hinkle requested the Prophet Joseph to accompany him to meet with the officers of the militia to work out a truce. The Prophet Joseph, along with Sidney Rigdon, Parley P. Pratt, and others, then accompanied Colonel Hinkle to the camp of the militia. Upon arriving, they were put in chains and arrested as prisoners of war. The men were then insulted, tormented, and threatened by men in the militia-mob. The Prophet records that, “In the evening we had to lie down on the cold ground, surrounded by a strong guard, who were only kept back by the power of God from depriving us of life’ (History of the Church, 3:190).

1839 – The Prophet Joseph Smith and others stayed in Quincy, Illinois, on this date as they prepared the necessary papers to take with them to Washington D.C. to seek redress for the wrongs committed against the Saints in Missouri.

1841 – Hyrum Smith writes a letter to the brethren in Kirtland, Ohio, calling on all the remaining faithful Saints to leave Kirtland and gather to Nauvoo, Illinois. He tells them their attempt to build up the Church in that area will fail and is against the will of the Lord until after the scourge of the wicked is complete. Then the Lord will build up Kirtland, “and it shall be polished and refined.’

1842 – The Prophet Joseph spent the day with his children on his farm outside of Nauvoo, Illinois, and did not return until after dark.

1847 – Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, arrives in Winter Quarters after having led the first group of pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. He made the return trip in sixty-seven days and shared with the Saints the news of their new home in the West.

1918 – The First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and Church Patriarch accept and endorse President Joseph F. Smith’s Vision of the Redemption of the Dead as the word of the Lord. It would later be added to the Doctrine and Covenants as Section 138.

1979 – The first branch of the Church in the Netherlands Antilles, located in the Caribbean Sea, is organized.

1985 – Elder Thomas S. Monson dedicates Yugoslavia for the preaching of the gospel.

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