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QUESTION: What is the new missionary verse to “Because I Have Been Given Much?”

The other day I received the following question via the LDSFriends contact form:

“On my way to church today I heard the song “Because I have been given much” on the BYU-I radio station and there was an additional verse with something about because I have been called I too must serve, or something along those lines, really pertaining to going on a mission. Does anyone know the words to that verse? I would love to have them.”

I hadn’t heard that there was a new verse, but apparently there is (though, I am not sure if it is apocryphal or Church sanctioned). Here it is:

“Because I have been blessed Dear Lord, I too must serve.
I”ll leave the comfort of my home to teach Thy word.
I”ll find Thy sheep who’ve gone astray, and those who’ve never known the way,
I”ll make Thy work, my work today.
I shall give love to those in need
I”ll show that love by words and deed.
Thus shall my thanks be thanks indeed.”

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  1. Kara Doddema

    Thank you! I was looking for it as well

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