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September 21

1823 – The angel Moroni visits Joseph Smith and tells him about the gold plates, from which the Book of Mormon was to be translated, buried in a hill near his home. He appears to Joseph three times during the night delivering a message from the Lord on his role in restoring the gospel in the last days. A portion of the message Moroni delivered to Joseph Smith is recorded as Doctrine and Covenants 2. (History of the Church, 1:10-14)

1830 – The Prophet Joseph Smith receives a revelation, in the presence of six elders, at Fayette, New York. It is known as Doctrine and Covenants 29 and contains information concerning the gathering, judgement, the second coming, the fall and atonement, and salvation of little children. It also discusses the fall of Satan from heaven and that all things are spiritual. (History of the Church, 1:111-115)

1839 – Elder George A. Smith, Theodore Turley, and Reuben Hedlock, started on their mission to England. Before they were out of sight of Commerce (later Nauvoo), the wagon they were in was upset and they were thrown from the wagon. Elders Smith and Turley were so weak from sickness that Elder Hedlock had to lift them back into the wagon. Some gentlemen then rode past them making a comment about robbing the graveyard of their dead on account of how sick they were.

1851 – The First Presidency issues an epistle to the Saints still living in Iowa and other midwestern states, urging them to continue on to Utah.

1952 – The first stake in Texas is organized at El Paso.

1965 – The First Presidency establishes a missionary quota in the United States to comply with U. S. Selective Service rules during the Vietnam War. Only two missionaries from each ward could be called to serve.

1997 – The first stake in Haiti is organized at Port-au-Prince.

2008 – The first meeting house built by the Church in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was dedicated by Elder Eivind Sterri, Area Authority Seventy.

2014 – The newly renovated Ogden Utah Temple is rededicated by President Thomas S. Monson. The original Ogden Utah Temple was originally dedicated on Jan. 18, 1972, by President Joseph Fielding Smith—then the church’s 14th operating temple worldwide. Because the temple’s original cornerstone is still in place and its contents remain unopened, church leaders did not hold a traditional cornerstone ceremony before the rededication.

2021 – Billions of historical family history records are available to the public with the completion of a microfilm digitization initiative by The Church. Joseph Monsen, director of preservation services for the Church History Department said. “For 83 years, the Church has been collecting and using microfilm records to support genealogical research. … 2.4 million rolls of microfilm are all digitally saved now and available.’

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