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September 26

1830 – The Prophet Joseph Smith conducted the second conference of the Church held at the Peter Whitmer Sr. home in Fayette, New York. Joseph records that harmony prevailed at the conference as they discussed Brother Page’s seer stone, which he and all those present renounced, partook of the Sacrament, and attended to Church ordinances and business. The conference lasted three days, “during which time we had much of the power of God manifested amongst us; the Holy Ghost came upon us, and filled us with joy unspeakable; and peace, and faith, and hope, and charity abounded in our midst’ (History of the Church, 1:115).

1835 – Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles return to Kirtland, Ohio, from their first organized mission, having preached the gospel in the eastern United States for nearly five months.

1838 – A committee of brethren met with a committee of the mob in Daviess County and agreed to purchase the property of anyone who wanted to leave the county because of the presence of the Church there. The Prophet approved the agreement to help with the peace in the area and several brethren were sent out to different branches of the Church to raise the money necessary to purchase the property. (History of the Church, 3:84-85) Also, the Kirtland Camp held a meeting in the morning, after hearing of the mob situation around Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman, to decide whether it would be wise to continue on. The seriousness of the situation was evident on the faces of those at the meeting. Some proposed to stay where they were or disband, others desired to continue on. A gentleman came into the camp by the name of Samuel Bend, of Pike County, Missouri, who told them the mob was being disbanded and encouraged them to continue on to Far West. The camp traveled sixteen miles on this date.

1856 – The first two handcart companies arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah, amidst great celebration. They were the Ellsworth and McArthur companies.

1909 – United States President, William Howard Taft, spoke in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

1955 – The Church College of Hawaii, now Brigham Young University-Hawaii, commenced its first day of classes with 153 students and 20 faculty/administrators in war surplus buildings moved to the Laie site. Dr. Reuben D. Law became the first president of CCH.

1963United States President John F. Kennedy speaks in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah, while visiting the state just two months before he was assassinated.

1981 – The Church releases the new edition of the Scriptures. The triple combination includes: The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price, with extensive cross-references and an index.

1992 – The First Presidency authorizes the use of humanitarian relief funds for the aid of drought victims in Somalia and other African nations and later sends one million pounds of food in the first shipment.

1999American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith, is premiered on Utah Public Broadcasting Stations. Church member Lee Groberg produced the documentary which is narrated by Gregory Peck. It later premieres nationally on PBS stations on November 26th.

2006 – Some 500 pioneer re-enactors, and close to a hundred handcarts made their way from This is the Place State Park about three miles to the LDS Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the first handcarts arriving in the Salt Lake Valley.

2009Typhoon Ketsana devastated Manila and surrounding areas in the Philippines causing severe flooding. Twelve members of the Church were reported killed with another 14 missing. A total of 25 meetinghouses were flooded with others being used as evacuation centers. It was feared the number of member casualties would rise as additional reports were received. The Church and unaffected members provided food, water, clothing, hygiene items and other relief supplies to victims of the flooding. (Church News, October 3, p.14.) Also, after heavy rains in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA, area, more than 1,000 Latter-day Saints from six stakes gathered to clean and work in more than 150 homes damaged by flooding. (Church News, October 3, p. 12.)

2020 – After Severe Windstorm earlier in September, Latter-day Saints participate in “Operation Firewood Rescue” to Help Utah’s Native Americans. Nearly 10,000 volunteers collect and deliver 3 million pounds of firewood to tribes across the state.

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