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September 28

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith met with the Kirtland High Council. It was the unanimous voice of the council that “it was the will of the Lord for all who were able and willing, to build up and strengthen the stake in Kirtland’ (History of the Church, 1:410). Also, in Missouri, W. W. Phelps and Orson Hyde were dispatched to Governor Dunklin of Missouri in Jefferson City, with a petition outlining the mob action in Jackson County and asking for his aid in redress and protection from the mob.

1843 – The Prophet Joseph met with several brethren in the upstairs room of the Red Brick Store during the morning, and again met with them in the evening in an upper room at the Mansion House. They formed a Special Council and choose the Prophet Joseph as the president. Joseph led the group in prayer “that his days might be prolonged until his mission on the earth is accomplished’ (History of the Church, 6:39).

1844 – After spending the night in Nauvoo and then taking part in a review of the Nauvoo Legion, Governor Ford and his troops marched three miles south of Nauvoo for the night. Two brethren, who had been requested to bring boats for the Governor to travel downriver to Warsaw, were shot at and sent away when they learned the boats were not needed.

1847 – The second group of pioneers, known as the “Big Company,‘ arrives in the Salt Lake Valley. They were led by Elders Parley P. Pratt and John Taylor.

1848 – After serving a five-year mission in the South Pacific, Addison Pratt arrives in the Salt Lake Valley. He had baptized approximately twelve hundred people and organized the Church in the islands.

1850 – United States President Millard Fillmore signs papers appointing Brigham Young as governor of the Utah Territory.

1877 – The cornerstones for the Assembly Hall on Temple Square are laid.

2017 – Church member, Jon Huntsman,Jr., was confirmed US ambassador to Russia by the US Senate.

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