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September 5

1838 – The Prophet Joseph gave an affidavit of his version of what happened in the Adam Black incident to which he was to stand trial the next day.  Adam Black had accused the Prophet of coming to his home on August 8th with an armed group of about 154 men and threatened to kill him if he did not sign a paper saying he would not “molest the people called Mormons.’   Mobs continued to gather in the area placing Far West on alert.  Judge King, who was to preside over the trial, arrived in Far West in the evening on his way to the trial location just over the border in Daviess county at the Littlefield house.  Also, the Kirtland Camp continued on its journey towards Missouri and Zion.  A child of Thomas Nickerson died during the night and was buried where they stopped at noon on the farm of a Noal Fouts.  They traveled twenty miles today.

1841 – The Prophet Joseph Smith preached to a large congregation near the Temple on healing the sick through prayer and faith, the use of herbs and mild food, and to be weary of the medicine of the time. (History of the Church, 4:414)

1842 – The ladies of the Nauvoo Female Relief Society write a letter to Governor Thomas Carlin, Governor of the State of Illinois, stating their support for Joseph Smith as a “man of integrity, honesty, truth, and patriotism.’  They remind him of their sufferings in Missouri and ask that he not allow the State of Missouri to take the Prophet Joseph back to stand trial as this would “be the delivering up the innocent to be murdered.’

1844 – President Brigham Young met with President William Marks in relation to Sidney Rigdon’s claims.  Both Brigham Young and Elder Orson Hyde preached at meetings concerning Sidney Rigdon’s conduct since his return to Nauvoo and up holding the authority of the Twelve Apostles to lead the Church.

      Rutherford B. Hayes

1880 – United States President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife visit Salt Lake City, Utah.

1954 – The first branch of the Church in Fiji is organized in Suva.

1968 – The first stake in Tonga is organized at Nuku’alofa.

1982 – United States President Ronald Reagan honors the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on its fiftieth anniversary of continuous weekly broadcasts with the CBS Radio Network.

2018 – The Church announces that by the end of 2018, it is anticipated that nearly all missionaries around the world with reliable internet access will receive their calls online to serve in one of the Church’s 407 missions in more than 150 countries. The change will speed up the process for receiving mission calls. Prospective missionaries will receive an email or text message informing them that their call is ready to open. Missionaries will also be able to access all mission materials online, including maps and information about the area they will serve in. They will also be able to access lists of items to bring.

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