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September 7

1838 – About sunrise, the Prophet Joseph, and those involved in his trial, arrived at the home of Mr. Raglin where it was to be held.  Adam Black testified that he was threatened by Joseph Smith and other members of the Church.  He was the only prosecution witness.  In defense, Dimick Huntingon, Gideon Carter, Adam Lightner, and George W. Robinson all testified in behalf of the Prophet.  However, Judge King bound Joseph Smith and Lyman Wight with a $500 bond, which they paid and returned home to Far West. (History of the Church, 3:72-73)

1878 – Elders Joseph F. Smith and Orson Pratt visit David Whitmer in Richmond, Missouri.  They interview him about his involvement in the early events of the Church including his experience as a witness to the Book of Mormon.

1927 – Church member, Philo T. Farnsworth, makes the first electronic television transmission at his laboratory in San Francisco, California.

1958 – The London England Temple is dedicated by President David O. McKay.

2001 – The first meetinghouse built by the Church in Ukraine is dedicated in the district of Livoberezhny by Elder Robert F. Orton of the Seventy.

2002 – After extensive remodeling that resulted in nearly doubling its size, the Freiberg Germany Temple was re-dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2005 – An Angel Moroni statue was added to the spire of the Bern Switzerland Temple.

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