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The Beauty of the Salt Lake City Temple

When I was a kid I vowed I would let the girl I married choose the temple we would marry in. That is, she could choose any temple BUT the Salt Lake Temple. Growing up outside of Utah I felt this temple was where every good Mormon went to get married. I wanted to be different, and felt that any other temple would achieve this goal.

I am going on three years of marriage, and I kept to my promise in letting my bride, Lindsey, choose the temple. She chose Salt Lake, and I cherish her decision. It took me until I was 30 years old to find and marry my sweet heart. This allowed the Lord ample time to work on softening my heart towards the Salt Lake Temple.

One aspect I love of the Salt Lake Temple is that it holds a different beauty depending on the time of day or night. Below are three images that highlight this point. I don’t know if it is true, but I like to believe that the first photo represents the beginning of a new day (more than likely it is a picture of dusk, but for me it is an image of an awaking morning). The second image shows the temple erect and strong at the light of the day, and the final picture shows the Salt Lake Temple as a beacon in the darkness of the night.

Each angle and time frame allows a glimpse of a different perspective of the temple. No matter how many times I visit the temple it seems there is a new perspective waiting for me to see.

I now see the Salt Lake Temple not only as a temple that many sacrificed to bring about, but also the place my eternity began with the woman who means everything to me. Long gone are the childish notions that all Mormons are married in the Salt Lake Temple. The only thing that matters to me now is that this Mormon was married there!

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