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Note: This is a sticky post (ie remains at the top of the home page). The reason for making this sticky is to keep the focus centered on the purpose of this blog and the future of To see more recent information please view the posts below.

You cannot help but watch General Conference and not be inspired. This conference was no different for me. I watched and realized that there are many areas in my life that need improvement. One such area deals with

For sometime we have been working on creating a website that is a social area on the web for both members and non-members alike. Back in 1996 Roger Brown and Christian Adams began with this same vision in mind.

Unfortunately, in 2007 a few of us convinced Roger (Christian was no longer working on LDSFriends) to let us “spruce up” the website. However, our programming knowledge was limited and we had to rely on a lot of free software. Our final results was a dating website, which none of us really wanted.

We told ourselves that we would only keep this temporarily dating site up until we were able to create the website the way we really wanted it. Well, fast forward to over two years later and we still had the temporary dating site up and our “new and improved” site was still under development. Truly, this is not what we wanted for

Finally, I felt that the time had come to bury the dating site. I also wanted to keep our few remaining faithful fans of LDSFriends abreast of the developments of this site. Thus, I have put up this blog to do just that (though, I will also be using this blog for spiritual writings as well).

The design you see on this blog is the exact design we will be using on the new website. So, when I say we are close to finishing I really mean it. For those of you who would like to help us finish up this labor of love please contact me and we will put you to work!

Thank you for your patience. We hope the final product will be worth your wait! ~Paul Wilson

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  1. Hector Diaz M

    Hola como estan mi nmbre es Hector Diaz Peruano para servirles.
    Misionero retornado Divorciado

    Web English Translation: Hello as they are my nmbre is Hector Diaz Peruvian at your service. Missionary returned Divorced

  2. alma orozco saucedo

    hola soy d zamora,mich, mexico y me gustaria conocer jovenes miembros de la iglesia

  3. Pffft. Please

    I liked the old site better. Mormon blog sites are a dime a dozen.

    You *can* have both you know…

  4. Paul W.

    @Pffft.Please- Thanks for your comment. I agree that there are a lot of Mormon blogs (but really are there enough 😉 ). This blog is only temporary while we put up a new LDS social media website. Once the new website is done we will be moving this blog somewhere else on the site. So, I do know I *can* do both. We are just trying to get the other piece done so that we can do both. However, I do appreciate you highlighting the importance to push harder to get it done. ~Paul W.

  5. Frank Holliman

    I would like to make contact with other LDS individuals that would like to coorespond via email.  Is there a site that would work for this purpose?

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