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The Symbolism of Numbers Found in the Scriptures

Here is what I have written in my scriptures from my seminary days:

NumberScriptural Symbolism
1God, Genesis, beginning
2Christ, opposition, deliverance
3Holy Ghost, Godhead, solid, divine protection
4Earth (North, South, East, and West; 4 elements; divisions of day; seasons, and etc)
5Grace (4+1)
6Man’s imperfection (6 times, Savior is charged with having a devil inside, serpent in Hebrew has 6 names)
7Oath, spiritual perfection
8Abundance, Covenant, beginning, new
10The Law, Order (10 Commandments)
11Discord, disorder (12-1)
12Priesthood authority, governmental perfection (quorum of 12 holds all Priesthood keys)
20Expectancy (i.e. 20 years Jacob waited to get wives and payment)
30The right moment
40Probation, trial, renewal (40 days ark)

Comment(s) on this post:

  1. Woodrow

    Nary a mention of 70? What kind of a website is this anyway?

  2. admin

    @Woodrow: I would love to add the symbolism of 70 if you have it. This website is a personal blog (at least at the moment), I have never purported to be an export. I just thought I would share what was in my seminary scriptures.

  3. Sabrina Collard

    Thank you so much for this quick reference!! Great resource 🙂 

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